How to avoid unnecessary purchases: pro tips to save money

There are several phycilogical research and survey conducted on consumer purchase behaviour like what they buy, where they buy and how they react to several discount. Many people just buying things because they are getting them cheap. whether tey need or not. suppose you need a shirt and you go for shopping. you just bought three shirt because iif you buy three shirt you will get 2 shirt free and total you bought 5 shirt and they are useless.

so today in this guide we will try to help you to avoid unnecessary purchases and give you some check list that you can use before to buy anything.

check your inventory before to buy anything

Suppose you want to a mall and you get one day discount on corkcery. you also have sufficent set of crockery but after that people buy it because of discount. to buy things at discount is not bad thing but to buy things at any dscount which you really not need is not a good habit and wastage of money.

there are money sale day like crismus and black friday where on that day you will get lots f discount on every things. shopshave falt discount on everything. people start buying everything where they get discount whther they never need those stuff in life. so before to go shopping on sale weekend. you should make list of things which you dont have in your home and only buy them on discount.

stuff can not give you happiness.

in past, there are several times you buy things which you love but they only give you temprary happiness. So rember things like expensive jewellry, diamond rings and other things, these are expensive and unessary and give you fincial burden. your wife don’t need diamond rings, she just need you and your true love toward him. to buy things to make people temprary happy.instead be loyal and trust worthy to them. care and spend quality time with them will give you parment joy.

save money for future needs, dont waste them on unessary stuff

it is well said by warren buffett , a selfmade billionaire bussiness men that if you spend money on unnecessary things  today then a day will come when you  have to sell things which you need most”

yes, if you have extra money then save it or invest it. you your tomarrow will be safe and brighter. there are several times in life where we need money for your surviavl and in emergency at that time we are out of money. so just don’t spend money on unessary wther how cheap you are getting them ultimatly that are wastge of money.

use cash while shopping

it is genrally observed that when you use cash, you will likly to spend less instead of credit card. you can also bargain for few bucks.in credit card you likely to spend more and also you also have surplus charges of intrest rat and trasaction charges. on credit card you have lot of money and you able to buy. you can carry limited cash so physically it stop you to buy unessary things. so you can manage the money properly.

Don’t think what other think

some people try to buy more expensive stuff and buy unssary stuff becuase there friends are with them. dont spend money on unuseful things so to look expensive and show of people .don’t thing what are things about you if you only by few things. because they are not going to pay when you are in emergency and out of money.

Don’t go into market just to walk

some people go outside or evening walk to just entertain in the malls and market. there are lots of distraction and attraction that will force you to purchase things that are unessary.instead go to library, public park for walk. in malls/showrooms a pillow of 30$ just place in brighter lights and but in front of store with tag price of 100$. because shopkeeper know how to sell things are higher price by just putting them in decorated manner.

love people instead of things

some people never satisfied with things, they buy more and more and love to collect things but that not good things. instead love people and make more loving relation with people. because thing can not give you permanent happyness. so be grateful to god what you have.  save money for futures uncertain emergencies and it will make you feel more safe and secure.


ultimately you have to control your self from bad habits. you have to know the value of money. before going to shop make list of all necessary things which you are going to buy. don’t buy things because you are getting them cheap if you really need them then you should go for them. try to use cash instead of credit card. so you have limit amount avialabel to you to purchase things.